My Drumming Experience

I’ve noticed that I haven’t said much about my drumming experience on here, so here I go…

I started playing the drums when I was 12. My uncle gave a few lessons here and there, but when I joined the school jazz band club I really started to pick it up. The excitement and passion that comes with playing an instrument really moved me. I started listening to a bunch of different kinds of music just so I could pick out the drum parts and try to play them. When I got into high school, I tried out for the drumline and managed to get the second snare position. I only did marching band for half the year because I transferred to another school. At my new school, I played in the concert band for one year and got some experience playing a ton of percussion instruments. I’d like to think of myself as a well-rounded percussionist because of my different experiences.

That’s me playing for the Cutler Ridge Middle School Jazz Band back in 7th grade. Check out that sick bow tie!

My favorite genres to play are funk, punk and jazz, and I especially love improv jam sessions.

The first set I had was actually my uncle’s. He let me use it all throughout middle school and high school. It was an old five-piece Ludwig set from the early 90s with a metallic silver finish. I had one ride, hi-hats, one splash, two crash, one china and a couple of cowbells. I added on some rotary toms, an extra snare (that sounded super damp) and an electronic drum pad. Man, do I miss that set. Unfortunately my then uncle is now my…well…former uncle, so I can’t visit my baby anymore.

Now, all I have is a basic Alesis electronic set to practice on. If anyone has a full acoustic set to donate to a financially-struggling college student, let me know!

Tell me about your drumming experience in the comment section below.


About ctcropley

I am a writer and a student. Tampa, FL
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