My Dream Set

There are a ton of different drum brands that I like, but my favorite has got to be Drum Workshop. Every DW set I’ve tried playing produced extremely rich and pure sounds. My favorite cymbal brand is Zildjian. For drumsticks, I usually go with Vic Firth, but I’ve also owned a few pairs of Zildjian sticks as well as a pair of Ahead sticks.

My ultimate dream set would look something like this:


It consists of all maple DW shells (two snare, four toms, one bass) and Zildjian cymbals (hi-hats, one splash, three crash, one ride, and one china.)

I used DW’s “Kitbuilder” to make my dream set. Make your own by going to and share them with me!


About ctcropley

I am a writer and a student. Tampa, FL
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