Top Five Drum Solos (That I’ve Experienced Live)

I’ve been to about 20 to 30 concerts in my life, so I’ve seen a good amount of drum solos. The drum solo is always one of my favorite parts of a show. One has to be a drummer to even begin to understand the technicality of some of the things these legendary drummers do.

5. Carter Beauford

Beauford starts off the list at number five. I especially love his playing style. He turns his palms upward when he plays which is very unorthodox, but it seems to help the flow of his fills.

4. Lars Ulrich

Ulrich has a very powerful playing style which, in return, makes his solos very powerful. When he hits the heads, he hits them HARD.

3. Travis Barker

I loved Barker’s solo because he mixed in some hip-hop elements into it. He also performed his solo on a moving platform that spun him around and put him go upside down. It was rad.

2. Joey Jordison

Jordison takes speed to a whole new level. He’s a beast with the double pedals and incorporated them into almost every song and solo. Oh, and his set also awesomely moves around.

1. Neil Peart

Of course, Neil Peart tops off my list. Just watch the video, you’ll understand why.

Which drum solo is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

Here’s’s top 20 drum solos:


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